Hi, I am Elisabeth Michal.

I'm a firm believer that the moments in between are worth celebrating. It's where the magic happens and where life is lived. Capturing those "less sparkly" moments is the reason I pick up my camera. Based in New York City, but rooted in my Canadian home, I'd love to meet you in the space in-between.


ENO Hammocks.

The Blue Ridge Parkway.

New music.

Long talks on the kitchen floor.

Road trips.

Laughing hysterically.


The California coastline.


Coffee and loose leaf tea.

women wearing canada tshirt and beanie



“Perhaps Lis’ greatest asset as a photographer is her ability to effortlessly join the landscape of monumental occasions and sacred moments, capturing the real and raw emotion in the room. Lis sees the good stuff. A shot of the wedding bouquet is nice, but what you really want is the father-of-the-bride’s happy tears or your newborns curly toes - the fleeting moments and details that could so easily be missed, instead treasured for a lifetime.”